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Houseplant Care Tips

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kentia Palm Care FAQs

My Kentia Palm has some sort of pest (mites, white flys, gnats, etc). How do I get rid of them?

Use a soapy dishwater mixture. Spray your plant twice a day for approximately one week and you should start to see improvements. A reader of this blog (Cynthia) also stated that adding a couple spurts of apple vinegar to the semi-soapy water seemed to help speed up the process as well!

My Kentia Palm has black spots all over the fronds and along the stems. What’s wrong with my palm?

 Is the houseplant within direct sunlight? Could the black spots be burn marks? The other area to watch is watering. If you over water your Kentia Palm it could begin to rot, thus the black spots. Also is your water treated at all? If so, this palm is known to be sensitive to chemicals.

How is the Kentia Palm propagated? Can I simply cut off the stem and replant?

 From what I’ve researched and from others who’ve commented, Kentia palms can only be grown from seeds. Unlike many other houseplants, you cannot simply cut off the stem and replant.

How often should I repot my palm?

You only need to repot your plants when they outgrow their home. If they are not root bound, then do not send your plants into the shock of repotting.

Don’t forget to read the complete Kentia Palm Care Guide for additional information.


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Blogger Wayne Parker said...

Thanks you so much for your tips. I was specifically looking for the first answer, because I have been having trouble with mites. Thank you so much, I will definitely try the soup and water trick.

Wayne. | Timberland Tree Co

8:58 PM  
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