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Various Houseplant Care Tips Including Watering and Lighting Requirements.

Houseplant Care Tips

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maidenhair Fern Care

Common Name: Maidenhair Fern
Scientific Name: Adiantum pedatum
Lighting: Moderate to Bright
Water: Moderate to High

The Maidenhair Fern does require more attention and care than your typical houseplants. The biggest challenge making the Maidenhair Fern somewhat difficult to care for is its requirement for a consistent environment. It will grow best in an area where temperatures and humidity levels remain the same. Therefore a bathroom is not a good place for the Maidenhair Fern. Along with the ferns need for a consistent environment it also does not like to be moved. So choose your home for this plant wisely.

Maidenhair ferns grow best in moderate light environments. However, limit the amount of direct sunlight your fern receives. Keep the light filtered to prevent the foliage from burning.

The Maidenhair Fern prefers to have its soil keep moist at all times, however not soggy. They also prefer higher humidity levels, however sometimes can be temperamental to misting. Therefore using a water tray below them to allow the humidity to rise up to the plant seems to work much better.

Another area to note with this ferns are when it produces seeds. The foliage will grow dark brown spots around the edges which is the ferns spore. The fronds that contain the spore typically don’t last as long as the normal fronds, however if you do not like how the spore fronds look, you may cut them off without injuring your plant.

Common pests for this fern are aphids and mealy bugs. Both however can be controlled using a soapy dishwater spray or for more serious infestations, an insecticide should take care of the problem.


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Blogger Erin said...

This is really helpful info for a maidenhair novice!

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This advice helped me a lot. Thanks!!

5:12 PM  
Blogger Jason Wigand said...

This is my 5 and final attempt with Maidenhair Ferns. I'll will use your advice. Thank you.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous K. Craver said...

I only have luck with maidenhairs if I feed them once a month with diluted plant food. I use a level teaspoon to a gallon of acidic evergreen food. It will usually list ferns on the instructions.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous mariepierre said...

My maidenhair vas fine until i water it
and spayed amist.Now the leaves look curled and dry but still green.
What did I do wrong,please help me.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Julia Janzen said...

Seriously the most frustrating and beautiful houseplant ever! I love them but I just haven't figured out their secret to keeping them alive yet.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Metta Buddha Love said...

Even as a live nursery specialist, these are fussy plants to deal with and keep alive. I empathize with everyone here who loves the delicate beauty of Maidenhair's, yet try again and again to keep them alive. Of course, my environment here in Texas is the most difficult imaginable. Good luck to all!

12:24 PM  

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